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Hungry for Love

     Due to some technical difficulties I found myself teaching Gr 6 Catechism yesterday. This was a totally new experience that I really enjoyed.The student that had arrived, attends a public school and had minimal knowledge on the faith. This was awesome! I had the opportunity to 'lay down some seeds.' The lesson was about the bible and I was excited to teach it. After teaching for a bit, I simply put it, " Everything in the Bible, all of the Gospels, creation stories... everything, can be summarized into one word; Love."

     This weekend we have an intriguing Gospel. A Gospel that sparks the imagination but also peaks interest in the meaning behind it. Jesus tells a parable: a man leaves the country, and leased it out while he was gone. When it came for the time for harvest, the landowner sent slaves to go and pick it up, but they were killed. Then after the second wave of slaves being killed he sent his only son, who, unsurprisingly, was also killed by the greedy criminals. Finally, the parable ends with a question What will happen to the and tenants?

     This parable, can be a direct link to Jesus death and resurrection.  Before Jesus came many prophets trying to covert the people to turn to God. Many times, many people tried. Each one was rejected and was killed( the prophets being the slaves sent in the gospel.) Then finally the landowner ( God) sends his Son. However, as we know, Jesus also dies at the hands of criminals.

    But the second part of todays Gospel also intrigues me: " The stone that the builders rejected has become the corner stone..."  I have heard this line sung over and over again in Psalm 118 and it has always sparked my curiosity. Jesus said: "Whatever you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me"  We can look through these 'goggles to look at this section of the gospel.

    Who are the rejected? who are those that we look, through the eyes of our heart, and reject? Those whom are poor? Those who live on the street? Those with no job? those without a sufficient pay to take care of themselves? The disabled? Who are those rejected in our eyes, in our hearts, in our lives?

   " The world today is hungry not only for bread but hungry for love; hungry to be wanted, to be loved" Mother Teresa. Love of the rejected, and love of the poor is love for God. The rejected are the cornerstone of society. They  are the visible reminder that we must give the essential gift of love. Without love, we cannot be a follower of Christ. Christ was pure love. He was sent to earth for one goal: To save us by dying on the cross.

    When we love those whom others hate, we love Christ.  Christ must be the centre of our lives because he is the teacher of love. He is the perfect example of love.  Without Christ, love can not exist in us.

     When we are put into the similar situation of the tenants who were given land, it is easy to become greedy. We can be comfortable with what we have and protect it from everyone. However, when we become greedy, we loose sight of the need to love. For example, look at the story of the rich man and Lazarus.  The rich man lived within his home, enjoying everything that was fit for a king. But while he did, he was blinded from seeing the poor at his door step. We to, can become like the rich man. When we become comfortable and are always wanting the newest technology and wasting money on iphone 6s to see if they actually bend, then we are the greedy tenants who 'kill' anyone that comes in contact with our harvest.

May we come to love our neighbour and the reject. Christ is the ultimate cornerstone. He is the stone, the foundation of our faith, and of our service to love. He is the foundation of love. May we come to open our eyes and see the poor at our footstep not only needy for bread but also for love.


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