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Give To God

     The last three weekends Gospels have been about Jesus preaching the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven to the Pharisees and scribes. As the readings of the Gospel of Matthew come close and closer to a close, we are beginning to hear more scripture passages that occur closer to Christ's death and Passion on the cross. As so, as this time comes closer and closer, we begin to see the Pharisees try harder and harder to trap Jesus into saying something that is judgemental by the law.

     The Gospel starts off with the phrase, " The Pharisees went and plotted to entrap Jesus..."  Based off this one verse, we can see that Jesus would have been very difficult to trap. They had to go has far as to make a plot on how to effectively tick Jesus. The Pharisees propose Jesus the question, " Is it lawful to to pay taxes to the emperor or not?   And has simple has this question may seem, the pharisees really thought this through. The tax at hand is a head tax to the Roman empire. If this tax is paid, they get peace and rights- if it's not, then you get in trouble with the law. So, the Pharasiees send their disciples, ( who are not in favour of the tax) and the Herodians ( those who are in favour of the tax) So if Jesus agree for the tax, he looses publicity, if he is against the tax he gets in trouble with the Romans.

    But Jesus, after requesting a coin, asks his own question, " Whos face is on this coin" they reply " Caesar's" " Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's"  Jesus goes here with the bases that the coins are already Caesars. So give Caesars what is his. Thus Jesus is taking neither side, and avoiding any traps. 

    We know the coins belong to Casesar, because they are caesars things. But what exactly does Jesus mean when he says give to God what is Gods? At each of our baptisms we were stamped, like the coin, with Christs image on our heart. When we enter, through the waters of baptisms, we are being claimed for christ, given the stamp that 'marks' us has Gods adopted children. 

    Give God your heart, your mind, your self. For we have been 'baptised in Christ' and 'Created in the image and likeness of God.' When we let go have what is his, we will be amazed; amazed and the wonders that he can preform when we open our selves to Gods abundance mercy.

   Will you give God what is Gods?


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