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St Michael Feast Day

St Michael, Is one of the Seven Archangels and one of the three actually named within Holy Scripture. (The other two being St Gabriel and St Raphael) St Michael is best know for defeating the devil. The most popular story of St. Michael is in Revelation 12: 7-9. He called by God, to lead the army of heaven to fight against the army of wicked devil.

Within the book of Daniel St Michael is regarded to as, " The protector of Israel"

The word 'Michael' means, " Who is Like God." St Michael is also referred to as, " The Chief Prince" (From Daniel) St Michael is always depicted wearing armor, to represent his protection, and battle with the devil, when he had destroyed the devil.  St. Michael Is depicted with either a Spear or a Sword and also, The Scale of Justice. Saint Michael holds the scale of Justice because, he is the one that decides who is in and who's out.

He holds the Scale to be in balance with mercy and Justice. For having to scale mercy and Justice is the closest thing to, " Who is like God" It's one of those things that make him like God. It's also a symbol of the final judgement. That he will be their scaling our Justice and Mercy.  In many prayers to St.Michael they talk about him bringing us into the heavenly kingdom without our enemies harassing us. Which doesn't surprise me, for he judges who goes to heaven and he protects people from their enemies.

Saint Michael was a God-Made-Saint. He never lived on earth however, he did visit it a few times. Like in Joshua, although he his not named, it is said to be Saint Michael because he identifies himself as the Commander of the army of the Lord. He also showed and helped Daniel out through his visions  and to help him fight the king of Persia.

St Michael has 4 duties to do: 1) Wage battle against the Devil ( Defend the church)  2) Save the souls of the faithful from the evilness of the devil 3) To protect the people of God 4) To lead souls that have departed from heaven, and present them to the Lord our God for their particular judgement.

St Michael is Our Personal Protector. He is The Protector of the Universal Catholic Church. He is the Protector of the Tabernacle. He is The Protector of all Souls. He is The Protector of The Light of Christ. He is the Protector of the Gate of Heaven.  He is The Protector of The Word Of God.

 With Saint Michael known as the Protector of all these things places him in the heavenly choir Seraphim and Archangels. You may have heard it that Archangels are the second last from the most power. But they actually have the most power, because they  are "Chiefs or Leaders."  Saint Michael is known to be in charge of the Heavenly Seraphim or 'Prince of the Seraphim'

St Michael is head of the Army in Heaven. When ever there is evil in the world, St Michael is their to stop it. He is their to protect all Gods People. St Michael is the great prince



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