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Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary Pt 6

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Memorize a New Bible Verse

     A couple months ago while I was shopping at a mall, I ran into a strong believing Pentecostal while waiting for my family. I had taken a seat in the last available spot, and I started silently praying. While praying, this man turned to me and noticing my cross said, “ Excuse me sir, are you a Christian?” I said, “ Yes I am, I am a Roman Catholic.” 

     We had a pleasant talk, he mostly talked about how to be saved. The one part that especially caught my attention, however, was when he said Catholics don’t know the bible. I didn’t respond anything to that comment. However, during our talk I used every bible verse I had memorized, I corrected him on bible verses, and I he didn't believe at some of my references and so he kept digging into his bible to see if I was saying the truth or not. ( I think I used more bible verses than he did)

He was defiantly shocked, that a teenage boy knew the bible.

     To make Ordinary time a little less Ordinary I suggest that you take the initiative to memorize a new bible verse every week. Repeat it often and make it a ‘theme’ for the week. Centre your faith life around that verse. 

     Memorizing a bible verse helps with evangelization. It makes you stronger in faith and confidant in what you believe.  It helps defend the faith, and to defend what you believe. Not only that, but you are reading the bible, and when you read the bible you grow a deeper connection to God.

If you have any tips on how to make this ordinary time a little less ordinary please leave a comment below!

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