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Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary Pt 9

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Gods Hands Bowl 

     On a retreat I had gone on a while back they had done something which I thought was very unique and very interesting, it was the 'Gods Hands' bowl. Simply put, we had this bowl in the main room that our retreat was in, and resting upon the centre table, the bowl was slowly filled with rocks. Not just any rocks, but special rocks- rocks with meaning.

     The rocks were peoples intentions, feelings, or events in ones life that would stop them from fully participating and getting something out of the retreat. Slowly throughout the retreat the bowl began to fill up with rocks. At the end, of the retreat, we had the option to take the rock back, or to leave it their.

     To make Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary I suggest that you have a Gods Hands Bowl. Place it on a prayer table, and whenever their is something troubling your heart, your mind, or it is something that is upsetting you, distracting you or blocking you, leave it in the bowl, because God is in charge of all things. He will look after it. Leave your burden in the hands of God. His hands are working hands. Ones that will work to help you with your struggle and with your need.

     During this Ordinay time Season, may we come to trust God and to leave our problems with him. May we come to have faith that he will work it out- that the burdens that affect us in our lives will be lifted by the hands of God. May we come to lift our intentions to God and leave them with God. Not wanting to take back our struggle.

God will sort it out.

Give him time.

Give him your trust.

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