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Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary Pt 7

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Keep The Sabbath

     “Sabbath” literally means “ to cease” or “to stop.” In the Jewish tradition, they took this very seriously and made it very legalistic to the point where you could not even carry a sitting mat because that was considered work. But looking at it overall it was a very smart idea. It gave people two essential things: One, it gave people a time to rest, a time to get away and cease from daily activities and two, it gave people a day to go and worship God. We Catholics have adopted this idea, and have made it Sunday ( the day of the resurrection.) However, Society goes against these Sabbaths and works 24/7 and they are missing something so beautiful and so essential to anyone’s life.

     The main purpose of a Sabbath is to spend time worshiping God. You are to cease from working and spend time worshiping God. God rested on the seventh day, and so we to are to rest on the seventh day. The Sabbath is like a ‘mini- retreat’ it is a time when you can get away and do what you want.

To make this Ordinary time a little less Ordinary I suggest you observe the Sabbath.

Let me explain.

     I do not suggest that you drop everything for an entire day and spend the entire day not doing anything. I suggest you spend an hour, two hours, four hours ( whatever time frame works for you) and refrain from work and do what you like to do. Spend time away from the business of the world, and the business of life and settle yourself down to have a Sabbath.

     The main purpose of the Sabbath is to increase your faith. During your time pray to God. Catch up with whats been going on, reflect on your life and leave it all in Gods hands. Let it be a time of happiness and release. Make it a time where you can rejuvenate yourself.

     As easy (or not easy) as I am making this sound, it takes time and determination to make this a weekly habit. It is a way to spend time with God and to refocus yourself for the week.

     To make this Ordinary time a little less ordinary, I suggest you increase your faith by observing the Sabbath. Take time away from Social Medias, Texts, phone and other electronic devices and do what you enjoy. While you do it, pray to God. Mark a difference before you begin the Sabbath. Light a candle, go for a walk or doing something significant for you that marks a difference in time.

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