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Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary Pt 9

Gods Hands Bowl 
     On a retreat I had gone on a while back they had done something which I thought was very unique and very interesting, it was the 'Gods Hands' bowl. Simply put, we had this bowl in the main room that our retreat was in, and resting upon the centre table, the bowl was slowly filled with rocks. Not just any rocks, but special rocks- rocks with meaning.

     The rocks were peoples intentions, feelings, or events in ones life that would stop them from fully participating and getting something out of the retreat. Slowly throughout the retreat the bowl began to fill up with rocks. At the end, of the retreat, we had the option to take the rock back, or to leave it their.

     To make Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary I suggest that you have a Gods Hands Bowl. Place it on a prayer table, and whenever their is something troubling your heart, your mind, or it is something that is upsetting you, distracting you or blocking you, leave it in the bowl, because God is…

St Michael Feast Day

St Michael, Is one of the Seven Archangels and one of the three actually named within Holy Scripture. (The other two being St Gabriel and St Raphael) St Michael is best know for defeating the devil. The most popular story of St. Michael is in Revelation 12: 7-9. He called by God, to lead the army of heaven to fight against the army of wicked devil.

Within the book of Daniel St Michael is regarded to as, " The protector of Israel"

The word 'Michael' means, " Who is Like God." St Michael is also referred to as, " The Chief Prince" (From Daniel) St Michael is always depicted wearing armor, to represent his protection, and battle with the devil, when he had destroyed the devil.  St. Michael Is depicted with either a Spear or a Sword and also, The Scale of Justice. Saint Michael holds the scale of Justice because, he is the one that decides who is in and who's out.

He holds the Scale to be in balance with mercy and Justice. For having to scale merc…

Thursday Think About

Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary pt8

Thank God 
     The other day I was looking through instagram and came across a picture that read, " What if you woke up today with everything you thanked God for yesterday?"  My initial thought was, " Well  I would wake up with everything because last night I finished my prayer with ' and thank you God for everything you have done for me" But then I began to think deeply, for some reason, on this picture and I came to the realization that I don't thank God for anything. 
     I was to tired, to simply states something to be thankful for. My prayer was self conceited. I contemplated with God, and then I rushed into asking God for this and for that, and at the end I add in a "thanks for everything" quote. But I never actually thanked him for the day. For the people I saw, for the birds chirp that got me in the 'mode' early in the morning, or the beautiful sun rise that morning. I simply just said, " Thanks for everything" 

The Abundant Generosity of God

With the length of today’s Gospel, it can be easy to lose sight of its immense beauty. Jesus often teaches and preaches in parables, using familiar imagery to explain complex ideas to the people of the time. In the Gospel scripture passage today, Jesus presents a parable of a landowner who goes into the town three different times throughout the day to hire labourers for his field. The first group he gathers early in the morning and they agree to a day’s wage. The second and third group of labourers are called and are promised "whatever is right." 
     At the end of the long day working in the field, the time comes for each group of labourers to be paid “what is right”. The third group hired is paid first, and they receive a day’s pay. The second group of workers are paid next, and they too are given a day’s pay. When the first group of workers come to get their pay, they are expecting a higher amount because they of course have worked the longest. However, they ha…

Thursday Think About

Thursday Think About

Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary Pt 7

Keep The Sabbath
     “Sabbath” literally means “ to cease” or “to stop.” In the Jewish tradition, they took this very seriously and made it very legalistic to the point where you could not even carry a sitting mat because that was considered work. But looking at it overall it was a very smart idea. It gave people two essential things: One, it gave people a time to rest, a time to get away and cease from daily activities and two, it gave people a day to go and worship God. We Catholics have adopted this idea, and have made it Sunday ( the day of the resurrection.) However, Society goes against these Sabbaths and works 24/7 and they are missing something so beautiful and so essential to anyone’s life.

     The main purpose of a Sabbath is to spend time worshiping God. You are to cease from working and spend time worshiping God. God rested on the seventh day, and so we to are to rest on the seventh day. The Sabbath is like a ‘mini- retreat’ it is a time when you can get away and do what …

Look Towards Christ

Every year when I teach catechism I always, at some point, get asked by a kid, why Good Friday is called " Good " Friday. They associate the death of Christ has a failure and an ending, but in reality it is a rich and beautiful beginning of true faith on earth. It is good that Christ died. Without the death of Christ, we have nothing. No church. No Pope. No faith. Through Christ death, he has established on earth a church of love, compassion, charity, and healing.

Todays Feast has an interesting history. St Helena of the 4th century, the mother of Emperor Constantine had gone into Jerusalem to find all the holy places where Christ was. While there she had raised a temple over the spot which was believed to be Christ's tomb. Later, her son had the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher built on the exact same spot. When they finally did an excavation of the site they found three crosses, and after one of the crosses healed a women who was dying, the cross was identifie…

Thursday Think About

Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary Pt 6

Memorize a New Bible Verse
     A couple months ago while I was shopping at a mall, I ran into a strong believing Pentecostal while waiting for my family. I had taken a seat in the last available spot, and I started silently praying. While praying, this man turned to me and noticing my cross said, “ Excuse me sir, are you a Christian?” I said, “ Yes I am, I am a Roman Catholic.” 
     We had a pleasant talk, he mostly talked about how to be saved. The one part that especially caught my attention, however, was when he said Catholics don’t know the bible. I didn’t respond anything to that comment. However, during our talk I used every bible verse I had memorized, I corrected him on bible verses, and I he didn't believe at some of my references and so he kept digging into his bible to see if I was saying the truth or not. ( I think I used more bible verses than he did)

He was defiantly shocked, that a teenage boy knew the bible.

     To make Ordinary time a little less Ordinary I s…

Love Fulfils the Law...

Each year, when I begin anew school year, we go in for a morning to get our lockers, schedules, ect. One thing, that takes up majority of the time we spend, is reviewing the changes to the changes to the rules and how we should behave. As intimidating as the large amount of rules seem to be, it really boils down to: be a good student.

     In the time period that Jesus lived in, their were many rules, on what to do and when, how to behave and when to behave on what days, and what counts and doesn't count has work on the Sabbath. Due to the immense amount of rules that occupied the lives of that time, they had specific people to keep them enforced and taught to the people. Generally this would have been done by the Pharisees and Scribes, who would make sure that every T was crossed and ever I was dotted.

     St Paul in todays second reading, summarises the law, that was well known and followed by the Jews, in one word, love. He simply says, Love one another. Why does he summa…

Thursday Think About

Making Ordinary Time A Little Less Ordinary PT5

Devotion to our Mother
I wish I had the immense faith that Mary did when she was just 14 years old. Being able to say yes to a job so vast, that I don’t even understand what it involves. If you are anything like me, I like to know the details of the job, knowing exactly what I will be doing, and what it consists of. Mary had none of that. All she knew was that God chose her to bore the Son of Man.

Pope St John Paul the second is a great example of having a boundless devotion to Our Lady. At the age of 9, the future pope Karol, lost his mother, and his brother at age of 12. After his mother’s death, he was brought to a church to devote himself to mary. Asking that Mary be his mother now. John Paul the Second kept this devotion right to his death. When he became pope, he made is papal moto, “Totus Tuus” which means, “ Totally yours” which he said were the words that he said to Mary at the age of nine. 3

It is a given fact that no one knows a boy like his mother does. In one way or anot…