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Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary PT 3

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Develop a Prayer Habit

       Prayer is an important part to anyone's life. Through prayer we can converse with God, and allow God to reply to our petitions and praise. Praying to God, shows our intention and desire for a relationship with God. If you converse with anyone, you build a relationship. Be it a friendship, mutual friend, a future partnership, or a family. Every conversation shows that relationship. It is no different with God.

      We expect so much of God to always be hearing us and granting us whatever we want and when we want it, but then we can forget the true meaning of prayer. Prayer, like any conversation, is two way. We often express our needs, and expect God to listen, and end our prayer. God has something Interesting to say. Let him speak. Spend time in silence at the end of your prayer to let God speak to you.

    Sometime we remember to only pray when we experience some turmoil in our lives. And God can become like 911- we only call it when theirs an emergency. But God is more than that: God just doesn't our failings, he wants our successes. He doesn't just want our sorrows but also our gratitude when we experience tranquillity in our lives.

    The best way to overcome prayer being an "emergency" help line, is by praying everyday. A simple prayer in the morning, thanking God for waking you up to a new day and for allowing you to see his beautiful creation, and a simple thank you at night, thanking God for the day that you have had, and lifting it all to him.

    A 2-5 minute prayer can make a big differnce. The days that I forget to pray in the morning, usually aren't my best of days. They are the days that feel 'off' to me; something just is different about those days. But the days that I do pray, are always good days, and I have an easier time having a good day.

     To make your Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary, I suggest you take time to Pray To God Today. Take a little time out of your prayer to sit in silence listening patiently for the voice of God. God doesn't just want to be our help line he wants to be our all-the time-line.

     If you have any suggestions on how to make this ordinary time a little less ordinary please feel free to leave a comment below! They are much appreciated!


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