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Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary Pt2

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Read the Bible...Daily

      Do you love to read? Do you love to read the top selling book? What about the books filled with action, wisdom, humour, and adventure? Well I know a book that as it all. The protagonist is a 30 year old man living a life of holiness, faithfulness, and compassion. He does this by  flipping tables, raising people from the dead, healing their sickness, and feeding large crowds of people with bread and wine. However, this man comes to an unfortunate end by being brutally beaten, and getting hanged on a piece of wood. The protagonist, while he suffers, receives a crown for his kingship, but the crown he is given isn't one made of gold meant for royalty but rather one made of  thorns and mockery. This man is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

      As over used as this tip can be on many blogs, reading the bible really cane make a difference in your life. We can read the God inspired history and the salvation of man through his son Jesus Christ. Through these events we deepen our faith by learning about the rich history of our ancestors in faith. 

      Reading the bible every day for 10 minutes can inspire you to grow a refreshed and stronger connection with God. You can pick a book in the bible to read through, or you can open the bible up randomly and start reading from their.Challenge your self to read a part of the bible that you normally don't. For example, if you normally just read the Gospels, try reading somewhere in the Old Testament, Like Tobit, or Exodus.

     Reading the bible is one of the best ways to pray. Through the bible we are fed (or talked to) by God himself. The response we give is how we allow his word to grow in us and change our daily life.

      Not only is the bible a place to find comforting words but also a place where we can open up ourselves to God. The bible helps us to gain strength to defend our selves against the sin and temptation of  our daily lives. As the saying goes: A verse a day, keeps Satan away.

      Whenever you may feel lost, and confused, the bible can offer words of wisdom, and guidance. Many bibles, either in the front or the back, offer different verses for different situations in a persons life. Everything in the bible was written by evangelists who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

      The bible has many benefits, like giving guidance, increasing your faith, increasing your fidelity to God, giving you hope and courage, and diving you into a unique and incredible adventure. Reading the bible for a simple 10 minutes a day can have a great affect on you. It will change your mood and attitude towards many things in life (in a good way.) The Gospels derives it's rich symbolism and meaning from the events of the Old Testament. Basically you cannot have the Old Testament without the New Testament and vi-versa. Everyone who read the Letters of the New Tesrtament would have a had a great understanding of the Torah, so their is often connection to the Torah in the New Testament. For example look at the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew writes to a Jewish community, and so he will often connect ideas and beliefs from the Torah ( or the first five books of the bible) to Jesus.

     So then, to make Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary, I suggest you take time every day to read the bible. Be it, 5, 10, 20 minutes or even if it's just a simple minute or two, reading the bible can have great affects in your life. You can read a book at a time, or simply open up to a random spot, or continue reading on from your favourite biblical quote.

     If you have any suggestions on how to make this Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary please leave a comment below! I love reading the comments!

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