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Making Ordinary Time A Little Less Ordinary!

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Research A New Saint

     Sometimes we ( like me)  can become centred on one specific saint. I know I have on the three Archangels. But the fact is, there is hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands of saints out there, with each a new and interesting story.

      For a saint to become a saint they must not only be credited with  miracles, they must also have lived an admirable and exemplary life. They have to be good Role models of Faith. They must live out their calling while staying faithful to the church. We know of St John Vianney, whos feast day we celebrated yesterday. He was an extraordinary example of the priesthood, spending 18 hours in the confessional a day. He did have some humour, it is said that their was a petition, by the people of his rural parish, to have him leave the parish. The petition got into his hands and instead of getting mad, he  signed it himself!

      Then you have saints who came and did missionary work like St Jean Brebeuf who came to New France (Present day Canada) to spread the faith to the First nation people. You also have people like Marie de l'Incarnation who started the Ursuline nuns in New France.

      Of course we cannot forget the amazing St Michael the Archangel. :) The defender of heaven against the devil and all evil.  We have St Gabriel who is the messenger of God. Who is always bringing the message of hope and new life to people. And St Raphael who is the protector on journeys. Who journeys along with you, helping you along the way.

      For whatever you need, their is usually a patron saint to help out. There are patron saints for finding a a  lost item, for police officers, for priests, for school children, for bakers and for librarians. For animals and teenagers. For funeral directors and my favourite: a patron saint of Television

      Saints are perfect examples of an extraordinary life and strong dedication and determination to stay loyal to Christ. Many saints have action filled lives that show their true faith. That show they are staying loyal to Christ eve n to the point of being burned alive or being boiled with hot oil.

      To make ordinary time a little less ordinary, I suggest you research a new saint every two weeks. Learn their life, and pray to them asking them for their intercession and protection in your life. Learning new saints will offer a new perspective on life and it will give you a new stronghold for your faith. .  ( I learned some new saints while writing this post, and some of the stories are really interesting)

     If you have any tips/suggestions on how to make Ordinary time a little less Ordinary, Please feel free to leave a comment below!


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If you don`t already own it, I strongly suggest you buy: The Patron Saints Handbook  by Mitch Finley.

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