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Making the Most of Nothing...

     In today's materialistic society, the more we have the better we are off. We judge our success with the amount of belongs we gather up and the total worth of all those items. So when we have a little we judge ourselves as poor, or not has rich.  We define our success by the amount we can aquire and the amount of money we can accumulate through working.

     The disciples have this same image. They have 5000 men, ( we don;t know how many including women and children) and only five loaves of bread and two fish. In the eyes of the disciples they have nothing and that food is pointless for the crowd. But in the eyes of Jesus, they have plenty.

      Jesus takes their simple five loaves and two fish, blesses them and multiplies them. He supplies enough for everyone (with leftovers!) With this simple but amazing miracle Jesus takes the little they had and multiplies it and made it much more abundant.

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     It is the same thing with our little life. We judge a person if he is poor and rich if he is on the street or if he is living in a mansion. But we, ourselves, are we spiritually poor? Are we spiritually little?

     If we are, offer it up. Give it all to Jesus.

     However little we are, give it to him. The king.

      It isn`t the insignificant resource that is given to him, it is the abundance of the resource when we have given our selves fully to Christ, in Faith, believing that he will take the little that we are and multiply them hundred, two hundred or even 5000 times the original.

      Do not count yourself as a poor one. For whatever we have, whatever we are, in Christ's eyes we are significant, rich, abundant. So whenever we feel spiritually, physically, emotionally poor, lift it all up to him, the lord of all, who takes away the sins of the world.




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