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Follow the Leader!

     For being introduced to the idea that Jesus will be  crucified, I to would have also been like St Peter in todays Gospel. Knowing that crucifixion is the death for the worst of criminals, I would not want this man, Jesus Christ, dying this kind of death.  If I was in the place of Peter, I would have most likely doubted, thinking, 'Is this guy really who he says he is?`

     This weekends Gospel is the continuation of last weekends Gospel, where Jesus calls Peter into a new role, to be the foundation of the church. But then we hear an almost contradictory role for Peter, being Satan. So why would Jesus call Peter Satan right after calling him to be the first leader, the foundation, of the Church.?

     Peter, like I would, spoke against the way of God. Peter was in a shock from hearing the news of how Jesus would die. Being traumatized by this experience, Peter pulls him aside and says, ' Lord, never shall this happen to you!` Peter wasn't prepared to hear that such un-godly things would happen to God.

     Often throughout life we become like Peter. We experience an event, endure a tough trail, or hear unexpected news, and we speak out against it. If it doesn't fit how we imagined it, then we can begin to refute it, and wish that it not be.

     But we forget, that everything in life  happens because it is the will of God. Everything. Sometimes, the worst of situations will be the best for us. We learn, experience and deepen our Faith through certain experiences. Look at the crucifixion. It looks like the worst possible death, but it has a deeper, and more prominent meaning than what it appears to be.

      Jesus invites us to become aware of his will. He invites us into his divine life and his divine will. He gave us the offer, the option, to deny ourselves and pickup our cross and follow him.  He gives us the option and this option is not going to be easy. Jesus said, ' go through the narrow gate.` That is, leave behind everything, because only you will fit through the gate.

      The Message of the narrow gate, is not different than the message of Todays Gospel. Leave everything behind, humble yourself and follow Christ. Pick up your cross, and follow on the road to Golgotha. For when we die with Christ we shall rise also with him, he who is our  salvation.

     To be a disciple of Christ we must allow him into our lives. We must let go of control and allow him to take control. Let him guide us every footstep, every day, all year. Jesus leads us, and it is him who we have the option to follow.

     May we allow Christ to come into our lives and allow him to reveal his almighty plan to us. May we deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow Christ. May we loose the desire to follow our own path and come to follow Christ. May we come, to learn from the faith-growing St Peter.


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