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The Good Soil...

     Theologically speaking, the short form of this Gospel is more accurate. Many Theologians and Scholars believe that the explanation of todays Gospel was added in at a later time by the evangelist who had written it.  Parables are stories that use what is familiar to explain something richer and steeped in meaning and purpose. Therefore, it doesn't just have one explanation to it- it as many! The meaning is defined by each individual person.

     Today, I want to offer how this reading speaks to me.

     I think todays Parable, told in the Gospel, is one of the more well known parables that people know. The sower plants the seeds onto a path, rocky ground, among thorns and finally some fell upon the good fruitful soil. Let the Sower represent Christ. For he is the initiator of life and our doings. Let the seed represent every word that comes from the mouth of God. Finally, let the type of soil that the seeds fall upon be us- the people that receive it.

     Each of the grounds that the soil falls upon depends upon us and our willingness. Are we willing to receive the seed? Are we open to hearing the word of God? Are we open to allowing the seeds to take root?

     There is the famous expression, " In one hear and out the other." One might here it the most when we quickly forget it or when we don't think that it has much significance in our life. This would help to explain the seeds that fell upon the rocky ground. It shows that, for a short amount of time, the seeds are there sprouted and growing, but do not last. They easily have died because of things like the hot sun and not enough roots. They start to grow but then are left behind to die.

     The grounds where the seeds were thrown and eaten by birds and where the seeds where thrown into bushes is meant to resemble  seeds  falls into someone who is closed minded- who has their own ideology and will not give it up. The birds will eat them up and the thorns will choke them out. They don't want the seeds, so they will get rid of it.

     But then their are the seeds that fell upon the good soil- the soil that opened up in sustaining these seeds. Their was the good, bountiful soil. The word of God came to a person and it was multiplied. It became abundant to the point of producing a hundred fold.
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     This reading is about our growth in God. Our belief and faith in him, the one who has initiated our life and everything we do. We who hear his message, and are open to giving it life are the 'good soil people.'  If you were to take a branch off one plant and plant it, it would take root to survive. It would spread it's roots deep into the soil to receive nutrients and essential vitamins to grow.

     Our relationship with God is just like a newly cut plant. God wants to take root in us, but we need to have the sufficient nutrients to support him. Two questions arise at this statement: How do we support Gods growth in us? and How to we acquire the appropriate nutrients to support this growth?

     We support this growth, or rather, we show this growth in us by how we live. The actions we show to each other. How we treat our colleagues, our attitude towards our neighbours, our treatment to the poor, and our actions to our family. Through every action, word and thought that we do and think it becomes evident of Gods growth or Gods lack of growth in each of us.

      Now, how to nurture this good behaviour? How do we grow in the way of Truth? We grow through three things: 1) Reading the bible  2) Receiving forgiveness 3) Receiving the Eucharist.

  • We are not only fed from the bread of life, but from 'every word that comes from the mouth of God.' through these words we are given strength and comfort, healing and joy.
  • It is only when we are forgiven when we can love. When we are forgiven then we can express love to each other and feel love in our life.
  • Finally, in the Catechism of the Catholic church it says, " The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life" (CCC 1324) Through the Eucharist we draw strength to live a life dedicated to Christs words. Through the Eucharist we are given the essentials needed to live a life to have deep roots in Christ.
     So on this day, we must seek in our selves to see what ground are we? Are we the hard rocky ground that won't let anything in? Are we the ground with the thorns that choke the seeds of God? Or are we the good soil, that allows Christ to take root in our life? 

      May we come to the Eucharistic table, finding our strength and our life. May we come to see that through the Mass we are not only given strength through the sacred Body and Blood of Christ but also through the sacred scriptures. 


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