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Finding Heaven on Earth

     This weekend we continue with the teachings on the kingdom of God and Jesus preaches three more parables. Each of them share the same theme, however, they are all unique and presented in different ways. Remember that when Jesus taught in Parables he used imagery that was familiar to the people of that time: Treasures, pearls, and of course fishing.

     Parables point to something more. They are NOT to be taken  literally. They need to be dug into and to be understood by the heart and not the mind. They point to something deeper, something greater than they appear and so they often seem confusing to the mind. But when we look at them through the heart, and give them a personal meaning and connection then they begin to make sense.

     In the three different parables Jesus teaches, the fisher, the merchant and the person looking for treasure, each person as their goal in mind-to find the treasure, the best pearl and to catch the best fish. Each of these items brings these people happiness that they sell everything for that item.

     We are these searchers. We are all in search of the heavenly kingdom. In search to find a piece of heaven on earth. Living our lives, searching and yearning for the kingdom, like the merchant searching for the pearl.
Searching for the kingdom  is searching for God because God is true happiness. God gives us an unending joy; a piece of heaven here on earth,  that is to say, he gave us the mass.

     The Mass is the perfect form of our worship, prayer, and faithfulness to Christ. The Mass is the time when heaven is on earth. We celebrate the paschal mystery of Christ, and through this mystery we are taking part of a heavenly event "If angels could be jealous of men, they would be so for one reason: Holy Communion." --St. Maximilian Kolbe

    Yes we find Heaven in Mass, but now, we must find it in our lives. We must continue to push ourselves to find the heavenly kingdom in each other. We each hold Christ-all of us. And it is our Christian duty to find this in each other. To find Christ in each other. To find the seeds that have been growing in another person.

    We, the believers of Christ, make up the body of Christ, as described by St Paul many times. We are the living body of Christ on earth and are spread out to evangelize. We are all one body, but are broken into individuals to be shared among the world. Like the host is broken and shared among us, we to are shared among the earth. Find the kingdom in each other because Heaven is a place on earth. 


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