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Happy Birthday!

      Today we celebrate the climax of the Easter Season. For the past couple of weeks we have heard Jesus say that he will send an advocate to be with us and today he does. Today, can seem like any other Sunday to some people- but what we don't realise is the great importance of this day.  The disciples ( or Followers) of Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, have become Apostles (which literally means, "To be sent") They started the church today. Which means, today is the Church s Birthday! Happy Birthday Church!

     The Holy Spirit brings unity. For the very being of the Holy spirit is formed from the unity, (or love) between God the Father, and God the Son. In the well known event of the coming of the Holy Spirit, which we know as Pentecost, the Holy spirit opens the mouths of the disciples to be able to speak to the different groups of people present in the city of Jerusalem. Now, the followers of Jesus are no longer disciples but rather they have made apostles.  After the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, the first works of the Holy Spirit allowed the apostles to speak about the faith to the crowds. Thus forming a unity among everyone present.

      In todays Gospel, Jesus, on the day of his resurrection, sees his disciples and breaths on them. This is the same action we see in Genisis when God breathed into Adam and Eve the breath of life.  Jesus is giving his disciples a new life. He is breathing on them a new life which is given by the Holy Spirit. He is filling their lungs with the life of the resurrection.

     God has graced each and everyone of us with gifts. These gifts where initiated by God but given to us when we received the Holy Spirit. Each of us is given a gift. What use is that gift if we don't use it. The best way to show appreciation for a gift is to use it, and to practice that gift. St Paul, in the first book of Corinthians Versus 10:31 said, "whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." Let us use our gifts aned talents to bring the glory to God.
     Sometimes it can become difficult to appreciate someone elses gift, or for us to acknowledge someone elses gift. Sometimes, we may not like there gift, or we might not realise that it is a gift of theirs. Someone can be good at painting, singing, listening or talking. There are hundreds, thousands, millions of gifts- all special to each person.

     When we hear todays second reading, St Paul is addressing the Corinthians that are facing a similar problem. Their problem is that they are placing more importance upon one persons gift than someone elses.They are dividing themselves because of their gifts. But St Pauls stops them and says " There are a varieties of gifts but the same Spirit; there are varieties of services but the same God who activates them all in everyone."   All of our gifts are given by God, and are at work through the spirit.

     So let us, on the birthday of the Church, realize the gifts given by God to us. May we come to find the gifts of God in each other. May we seek the goodness in others, and see that, through the history of the church, that God has initiated everything, and it is the work if the Holy Spirit that is 'powering' everything.

     Happy Birthday Church!


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