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Dear Bus Driver

Dear Bus Driver:

I know you probably will never read this or there is the great possibility that you don't even know that this little sphere of the internet exists. I know you don't know my name, but I know I have seen you drive the bus before.

I know many bus drivers that can be rude or annoyed that people are actually coming on to the bus. And still there are the other bus drivers who ignore the people that come on the bus and others that show that they wish they weren't doing this job.

But you were a different bus driver.

You are a kind one.

One that said, " Good Morning! How are you doing today?" One that gave a smile when I hopped on the bus.

I am not sure if I  looked upset or stressed or what, but that Good morning meant a lot. I had just finished writing a history exam that I do not feel to confident about.

Why do I write to you kind bus driver?

Because that "Good morning, How are you doing?"  put me in a good mood. After conversing with some classmates after the exam I didn't feel that good again. But that "Good Morning" with a sincere smile on your face literally made my day.

Thank You Bus Driver.

It is truly the small things that make a difference in someone's life.


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