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Sometimes,  I don't make the best of decisions. I let my mind replace the works of the heart. I was on the bus one day, and a woman came on scrambling through her purse, and wallet trying to find money to stay on the bus. After a block of not finding anything the women runs off the bus in frustration and disappointment.  Meanwhile, I was sitting on the bus watching her, without thinking that In my backpack I have multiple bus tickets. This happened over 3 weeks ago, and it still upsets me that I did not help that women.

In life we have the option to live either by the heart or by the head. The ‘heart people’ are the ones who can believe without seeing. They are the ones that find happiness in helping-in showing service to others. The ‘head people’ on the other hand, are those who need the tangible to believe. They need the physical proof.

Our Catholic goal is to live by the heart. However, it is not always easy, especially living in the world we live in today that screams at us the ‘head’ messages.

Where does God speak to a person? In the silence of prayer. Where does ones prayer come from? The heart. There, the heart is where God speaks.  He speaks and strengthens us in the silence of our hearts humble petition. In the silence of prayer, our relationship with Christ is cultivated and is depend.

In today’s Gospel Jesus says, “ Do not let your hearts be troubled  He did not say,  do not let your minds be troubled. HE stated clearly do not let your hearts be troubled. The heart is where he wants to speak to us. The  mind is full of deceit, unbelief, and  plans agnostic actions. Therefore, Jesus speaks to the heart.
Is your heart troubled?

How is your heart troubled?

What is stopping you from being a ‘heart person’?

We can become stressed, worried, and perturbed by events in life. If it’s trying to make an event run perfectly, or trying to fulfill the work of a demanding job or trying to deal with financial problems or even going against the social norms. Whatever the case may be it can become easy to have a troubled heart. Our mission as Catholics is to be an example of Christ to others.

Through gathering around Gods heavenly banquet table, we are nourished and relieved of the troubled heart. Through the silence of prayer we can grow our relationship with God, releasing our troubled heart.  When we turn to God and lay down our problems with him then we will be free from the chain of a troubled heart.

“ Believe in God, but believe also in me” is  the key to release our heart. Christ came and physically walked on this earth and he left us with a mission: To continue his work. It isn’t just a call for Clergy but for everyone also. It is a universal call to live by the heart. To live the mission that Christ planted in our heart. 

Living by the heart is not an easy task.  When we live by the heart however, we can begin to see the need of people around us- not only those we know, but those we don’t know also. Like a stranger on a bus- the heart will lead us to help but the mind stops us.

May we, through the silence of prayer, come to realise the life Christ is calling us to live by being troubled-heart- free. May we live a life where the social norms of Society (for everyone to be ‘head people’ ) do not apply to us. May we live a life dedicated to Christ’s example-by being heart people.

All it takes to live as a heart person is to reach in your bag, grab a bus ticket, and pass it on. 

Have a blessed Sunday



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