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On the Road...

     I have only gone away from Canada once. That was to Orlando Florida twice. It was fun to travel, but other than that I haven't left Canada. It was a good time. The last time I went, near the end ( When I knew the way) I started to walk early in the morning to the townhouse, and walk around there and pray. To enjoy the experience, and the humid morning heat. 

    Those walks not only gave me time to pray, but they gave me the chance to relax-to enjoy the vacation instead of go go go. Florida, looked like a happier place. It had a more happier environment to it-everyone was enjoying it all. 

     We are fed, today, from the holy Gospel, by the story of the walk to Emmaus. While walking, Jesus appears along their journey-but they do not recognize him. Only until his central action of breaking of the bread do the recognize him. They were blinded, on their journey from knowing who this man was, but then they were amazed about all that Jesus has done. 

     We are all on a journey. Not to Emmaus- but a walk of life. A walk of experience that teaches us through our good and bad times. This journey teaches us the scriptures and how it fits into our life. It gives scripture a new meaning-a new personal meaning. Life teaches us many things. One of the most important things it teaches is that we need God. 

     However, Christ won't physically come and walk among us. However, we are in luck because God never leaves us. He is always in our lives. He is walking along with us. Not physically, but through other people. On our journey God has planned for certain people to come into our lives to help us grow. 

     Are we blinded from seeing Christ? Have we blinded our selves with sin, and distractions to see God in our life? Where is Christ in your life? Whom is Christ to you? We know this person is Christ to us because as the disciples said in the Gospel, "Were not our hearts burning within us?" Not literally. But that we get this experience of Joy, and extreme happiness. Just like the happiness I found in my walks before the day started in Florida?.That this person shows Christ-in more ways than one. Is your heart on fire, but you are blinded from seeing that it is Christ at work?

     When we see Christ in that/those people than we can begin to see how he is working in our life. Then we can see how he takes care of us during our life. Christ will not abandon us. He will not just die and not have a resurrection. He must resurrect to complete his passion and to complete his mission-to save us. 


     It is agreed upon by scholars that this not how it took place. Yes they walked to Emmaus, but this story has been formed into a theological reading. If we take a look. First Jesus fills their hearts emptiness of scripture, and then he eats a breaks the bread with them. He feeds them word and bread. This is exactly what we do every Sunday. We gather to be ignited with fire and to receive the word and the body of Christ. 
     Like any journey, we require food and drink. Jesus is this food. He is this drink. He equipes us for our journey-he sustains us for life. He planned everything and so he knows what is suffice for us. 

     On our journey of life may we come to find Christ in our life. May we open our eyes to see Gods work in our life. May we see whom Christ is working through for us. May we come to acknowledge, that this journey won't be easy, but  it will be easier through Christ. We eat to be sustained, and so we need to receive  Christ to be sustained also for our journey. 


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