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Jesus Family

     Any form of a relationship- be it between a married couple, family, or friends- Obedience and loyalty is at the heart of the relationship.  The obedience of a married couple, made at their marriage, to stay loyal to one another in good times and bad. The obedience and loyalty of friends who can tell each other anything knowing that the other person won't go around and tell everyone else. The loyalty and obedience in a family to love, care, and to offered reconciliation when a problem has struck.  Regardless, obedience is needed for any relationship to grow.

     Jesus, in todays Gospel says beautifully, that after he has gone back to the father, "He will not leave you orphaned" This is reassuring. It may sound like just another line in the Gospel that leaves our thoughts without and second look. He will not leave you orphaned. He will not leave you orphaned. This entitles us a security-a security of family. We will not be orphaned but rather, we will be intertwined in a unique and compassionate family.

     A family is characterized by love, hope, obedience and reconciliation. These four virtues are at the very making of a family. We cannot live without love. Love is the glue to life-It holds us together even when another person trys to rip us apart. From the foundation of Love, hope, obedience and reconciliation are built.

      We cannot be a family if we hate each other- we are a family when we love each other. We cannot be a family when we do not reconcile with each other. We cannot be a family when we don't live with a united hope of an optimistic future. We are not a family when we are not obedient. When we break the family obedience we begin to break the foundation of love, and the walls of reconciliation and hope.

     We have more than one family. We have our biological family. But we also have our Catholic family,We have our Christian Family, we have our human race family, we have our friend family. (kind of like Google circles-we belong to so many)  One of the most important families is our Faith family (and biological family) In our faith community (or family) we learn to grow as a person. However, this family still requires from us, Love, hope, obedience and reconciliation..

     Jesus wants you to be part of his family. He showed us first how to be a family- by laying down the foundation of love. He died upon that old wooden tree so that we might grow in his family. He didn't just defeat evil and raise from the dead because he felt like i. He had a purpose to dying and rising from the dead: To start a family with you.

      Jesus came onto earth to set the foundation of how we should live our lives and to lay the foundation of a family. He laid the foundation and then goes back up to the Father. But as he promised he will not leave us orphaned. He will send us another, "Advocate" Which literally translates, from Greek, into, 'Comforter" or "consoler"  This new advocate is the Holy Spirit. This spirit, which we received firstly at our baptism and then again at our confirmation, is the Same spirit that will be our consoler and our comforter. Although we cannot see him we know he is at work.

     We must make our contribution to this family. How? By showing Love to our neighbors and to those constantly around us. We are growing this family, with Christ, by sharing Christ. By being a living example of Christ to the Earth-living by the heart.

     May we come to fully participate in our families. May we come to grow our families in the Love, hope, reconciliation and obedience of Christ. May we shape our family around these virtues. Christ, while on earth, insistued for us the family. He gave us the 4 fundamental virtues that should be at the heart of every family. Love, Obedience, Hope, and reconciliation. May, out of your love, which we recieved from Christ, pour forth the other virtues.

Have a good Sunday


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