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     Well today concludes the end of this challenge. This theme was challenging-I really didn't think It would be because It really defines me. I have always enjoyed the challenge, but It was the end of March and I was asking what day it was, " March 30" was the reply. So a decision was made to do this theme and to accept the challenge. 

It is always at the end of the challenge I miss a day-especially because it's the third year in a row I remember about the challenge at the last moment. (Yes this is only my third year doing this challenge) I like it because It forces me to write something everyday. I was usually good-but someways I just couldn't get the post out ( I felt terrible going to sleep and not having the post posted.) 

     Thank you to all my New followers I gained during this challenge, All the readers and all the people who signed up to received the posts emailed. Thank you to everyone who ran this event at The April A- Z Challenge website. And finally to you, The person reading, thank you for putting up with me :) 

     I hope throughout this month, you were interested, and amused. If you ever want to ask me an anything email me at praytogodtoday @ gmail . com  I will be happy to answer any question. You will notice I have a new page. It is a page dedicated to all the posts I wrote for this year. It will stay up until December, or next year. ( I really don't know) 

     Please pray for vocations! Have a great may!

Thanks for following along this challenge! 

The 'Offical' reflection post will be on May 5th! ( I will keep that deadline! 


  1. Congratulations, Mike, for making it to zee finish line. Maria, Delight Directed Living
    Maria Dunn


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