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     If it's planning an event or building a house we all form a vision of how it will look and work out in our heads. Then we try to match ours with others. But we create a visual in our head to show our vision. Why? Because visions motivate. They help push the work to get done. They help us through the tough times. Visions are a guiding tool. Not another stepping block that is needed, but rather it is an essential tool that is the foundation.

     A good leader is someone who has a vision and leads others to fulfill that vision.  They know the steps, and the motivation needed to help the team throughout those steps. A leader should know the people they are leading. To use their strengths and weakness to build up the group. The leader helps others reach that vision.

    I have a vision of becoming a priest. Without a doubt, this vision is a motivation, and a guider. It helps me through the tougher times and it helps me through the boring days of school.  It is not only motivation but inspiration. It helps form the things I do. There are two leaders that help me fulfill this vision: God and my priest. God, he knows everything. He knows and has planned the path that I will travel. He made and makes everything happen the way it does. My Priest because he brings me up in the church. He teaches me the church, my faith, and has given me the greatest feel of the priesthood- and I LOVE IT!


  1. Visiting your blog from the A to Z Challenge ... I love your boldness of faith! I would not have guessed you were still in high school based on the maturity of your writing. Blessings to you, Mike!

    Paige (


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