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     This will be a short post, but I hope you understand. I am also breaking away from my theme for this post. 

     We all need to be united. United to pray for vocation to the priesthood.  The Priesthood has become counter-cultural. It is a job that isn't widely accepted in our secular society. I have been questioned by people saying, " Why would you want to become a priest? It's against society!!" They make it sound like it's terrible to go against the grain.But thats our challenge. It's easy to be lead down the wrong path when going with the grain. We must go against it. We must pray for young men, to hear the call to become a priest. 

     I know, from being in a diocese with this situation, that their simply aren't enough priests. We need more priests. I have, to this day, never met anyone my age, (at any age  I have been) that wants to become a priest. I have met and made friends with seminarians, and older people who are thinking of it-but none my age.

     Let us pray for vocations!


  1. Nice post. Maybe you will awaken something in someone with your words. Good luck!
    Shawn from Laughing at Life 2


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