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Thankful, Timing

     Today, I had two 'T' words come to mind, and I like them both, so I am going to talk about both of them, and by the end of the post, unit the two together. 

     Firstly though I am going to talk about Timing. God has good timing. (Thank God for that!) In many times of my life, I asked God to help me with this, or to show me that or to help me through this. Although, at some moments, God doesn't answer right away- his timing is perfect. Not the timing I want but what he wants. Looking back, God has helped me. Given me a taste of a different route in life and has saved me from traveling away from my main mission (But thats a different story.) God has good timing. Saved me in time, and helped me along my journey. 

     God has given me time with priests. Time I thank him for everyday. Time for them to train me, to teach me, and to help me on my spiritual journey. The time I spend with priests, and serving, I treasure in my heart. Like Mary did with the angels message. I do not let a day go by without thanking God for the wonderful priests I have met and the time I have spent with them .



  1. The message about timing is so important. We talk about that at our church small group a lot. Its natural to want things on your time and not God's. We also keep a group prayer journal so we can see how god is answering our prayers and that helps us understand the timing as well. Have a blessed day!

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies


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