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     I'm sure every Catholic has heard the line, " Typical catholic sits in the back." I guess this makes me a non--typical catholic. I always and continue to have a love-hate relationship with the back pews of the church.

     As a child, and now, I hated the back. Absolutely hated it. I have always been captivated by the priest during the mass. I would want to see what he does, and when and how. I always wanted to watch. But for some reason, no one in my family liked to sit near the front. So  from the 3 row and back we always sat.  (My church is an inclusive seating, not the traditional one way seating.)

    I always wanted to be in the front pew, to be able to watch what was going on. Before I got to old, and when we sat in the back, I always asked my mom to lift me up so I could see what was going on. It always interested me.

    Know, I am no sheldon cooper when it comes to my spot, I am happy anywhere thats not in the back. I must be able to see whats going on. Why? Because I enjoy the mass. I enjoy the liturgy that is happening.


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