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     There are countless events and things that reassure me that becoming a priest is the right thing. Like anything else in life, a vocation is a journey. And the journey begins from the very day the though enters your heart.

     Every time I participate in Mass, I am reassured. Either during the Eucharistic Prayer or the homily, While I look upon the priest, I always smile. I smile because I not only find great happiness, but I also have the same joy I did as a kid-the refreshing of the call to the priesthood. The thoughts are poured into my head that,  yes this is what I really want to do. It is God reassuring me through the priest that this is what I am called to.

     God sends certain people into your life to make you stronger- spiritually, or physically or both. And I know that out pure love God has blessed me with so many great people in my life. From my wonderful family to the wonderful priests that I have gotten to know very well.  But with every good their is a struggle-to help you grow also- and this, I would say, is dealing with those who hate my decision to become a priest and those who have bugged me through out my life. Both of these experiences however, help me grow.

     God, on a daily bases reassures me on my vocation.


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