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Palm Sunday!

     Instead of a big fancy horse chariot Jesus rode into death on a donkey. Instead of sitting on a royal throne, Jesus crucified-the worst of the worst. Instead of coming down from the cross Jesus endured his passion. Instead of death conquering light, light conquered death.

     Today we welcome Jesus into the great city of Jerusalem. We begin our celebration shouting in joy, "Hosanna, Hosanna"  which translates into "Save us" or "Rescue Us" We, every Sunday (and especially today)  sing along with the angels of heaven, the song of praise. The Sanctus  which exclaims our faith and praise for the Holy One-Christ!

      Many things are hidden in a piece of art work. If it is a message, another person or item fit into it, or a random phrase secretly hidden within the art work. We always look at the big picture and then the smaller parts. But for this most Holy of Weeks, we must begin at looking at the parts that make up the big picture.

     Today we celebrate Jesus triumph into the city of Jerusalem. He is welcomed  with a crowed who is excited for this promised king to set them free from the roman oppression. They want him to be the David to their Goliath. But He isn't-in their sight. He isn't this great, revolutionary guy. What he is, is a man riding in on a donkey who says, "Take up your cross and follow me"  This same crowed who had great expectations quickly turned on him, when he didn't meet their needs.

     I think we all have this struggle. We want God to work in our way. How we think, how we want it, because if he doesn't we won't believe. We will turn our backs on him and not give him the chance. It has been a marketing technique says, "God loves this" " God hates that" "God supports this and hates those." We give God attributes. Why? When we have someone, as powerful as God, on our side then of course people will want to support us. We cannot be giving God these expectations and attributes. We must let God be God.

     The puzzle is being formed today. Jesus enters into his passion, death and resurrection. All 4 make up the image of his passion. Today we begin the first detail in the big picture. We honor, with the saints and angels, Christ for him. We honor him and his great glory.  Today, God enters our hearts- do we give him a path of palms  and a crowed of cheering people, or do we give him nothing?

     What things do we expect God to fulfill in our lives? What attributes do we place on God? Do we let God be God?


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