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Obsession (Thursday) 

     Besides the topic of Biology and a little chemistry, my favorite class in school is religion. Through my years of school, I am always most concentrated on doing well in religion- it's my obsession. Its something I want to do good in because I enjoy it so much, and spend much of my free time researching new things to learn. If it's reading the GIRM or the Catechism or even the Canon Law ( the librarian was shocked when I took that book out.)  or if it's reading books recommended by a priest, I always enjoy learning new things about Catholicism. 

     In my younger years, (and still partly today) I felt trapped. I wanted school to be over with to start my seminary training. I felt trapped having to sit through subjects like Math, instead of learning more and more about God. I hated sitting through those classes- specially when I didn't understand what the teacher was talking about. But now I am starting to realize, that I shouldn't focus to much about jumping to the end. I need this education to do well, and that it's about the journey, the growth, the experiences that will help me become a priest also. 

     Although, thanked in numerous other posts this month, I can't really thank enough the three main priests in my life-especially my parish priest who has been my biggest teacher. Who has supported my obsession and has helped me along the way. 

     I didn't really realize it at first, but it was pointed out by one of my teachers the other day. I was in Math class believe it or not, and I was not surprisingly asking for clarification on the work. Then as I was talking, I noticed her look down at my binder, and stopped me in my tracks of what I was talking about. 

She says, " Do you draw these all the time?" Looking at the Host and chalice I drew on a piece of paper. I responded, "Yes" she replied, " Wow, I never have seen anyone who has doodled the body and blood of Christ in their binder" and I replied, " You know... I am planing to go into the priesthood." she responded with a story about someone else who had graduated from the same school a few years ago, who is now in the seminary. After the story, she said, " Well good job! I can tell that you might have been thinking about it" 

In math class!


Holy Thursday Post coming later today! 


  1. That was a cool story. Good luck on your calling. Serving God is wonderful!


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