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     I want to take this post, just to quickly share some interesting coincedences that I have run into in my life that I think fit perfectly into my vocation. 

     I was born with two crowns on my head. So as one might imagine, there has been some days when my hair just doesn't want to cooperate. My Grandmother, as told me, that in the Portuguese tradition (I am part Portuguese) That someone who is born with two crowns means that they are special, and will do something great to help other people. 

     Then their is my name. I think most people are interested in looking up there patron saint. And of course I am/ was to and found out that 'Michael" Means 'who is like God' I can assure you however, I am nothing like God. 

     I just find it funny, how these things have taken place and that I want to become a priest. Hope this post was some what musing to you! 


  1. Visiting from A/Z. I admire you for your profession you decided to pursue and go into. I'm struck after reading this that you have a "strong" name that God probably laid upon the heart of your parents to name you; isn't it amazing intricate he is involved with every single aspect of our lives?



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