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     There are so many things in my life that are just Magnificent. It is a great, and beautiful thing to be able to serve the Lord. It brings me delight, and my calling to the priesthood just makes my experiences serving all the worth more. I altar serve every weekend, and when I am called upon to do it. It is such a magnificent experience, that I thank the Lord, in prayer, every time I serve. 

     One definition of Magnificent, according to google is, impressively beautiful. A vocation to the priesthood is beautiful. It shows someones Faith journey to become closer to the Lord-in prayer and how they live their life.  The call to the priesthood isn't one persons choice-it's Gods. Every beautiful vocation comes from God- and I love hearing that. 


  1. Thank you for helping me to view the alphabet a little differently. Found you through a to z.


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