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     Over the course of teaching, I can tell how good of listeners kids are-not very good. Well, maybe it's the kids I have taught. At random times, I will stop what I am teaching, and ask the kids to explain to me what I just said-most of them in the past have failed. So I added in random sentences like, Jesus ate chocolate. And then ask them, and what do they respond to what I just finished teaching? Jesus ate chocolate. But then, when I have their attention, I use to it to explain the material. 

     I also notice that they will only listen to parts they want to. I remember teaching one time, telling a  kid causing trouble to behave, or else I will call the person in charge to deal with them. Of course, I didn't get upset, I said it nicely but sincerely.  The next possible second the kid is ripping up his page in the middle of my class-lets just say, he hated my class from the rest of the time he had. 

     Not comparing to that kid, but in kids in general, we can be like them. We can only hear what we want to hear. We can lose focus of the real message, and loose focus on what the truth is. We are flooded with messages from the media, protesters, and other people-where is the truth in it? 

      In a similar way, it is with my calling and our calling. For one to be strong in his vocation, he needs to be constantly listening to God. Praying constantly, and listening always. It is through God that we find truth, and that I and you can find our true vocation. 

     That is our mission this lent- to listen to God and how he personally speaks to us. Especially in this week, Holy week, we should listen to God. He has a lot to say. When we truly set aside time to listen to God, then we can find truth in our life, in situations in our life, in other people... We can find truth in our vocation. 


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