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     One of the most surprising things, to new people that I meet, is the fact of how long I have wanted to become a priest. Everyone becomes shocked and then congratulate me on that. I am proud that I have kept this calling, and held tight on to it-some moments tighter than others. 

     Two days ago I was questioned by someone in an older grade asking me, " Why would you want to become a priest? It's so counter cultural! You could make money, have a wife if you were a lawyer or dentist!" My response was, " Well, it wasn't me, it was God that called me... Being counter cultural is exactly why there needs to be more people becoming priests- it needs to become cultural. You are right when you say I won't have a wife or kids, but think of this no one will every call me daddy, but many will call be father"  This was actually a series of questions and responses. This, for lack of better words, is the highlight of the conversation. 

      Why share that story? I shared it because It shows how difficult some people can make it-going on and on and on with questions... trying to tear me down from my calling. But I kept the Faith. I kept my calling- and I am proud to say it. It hasn't been a walk in the park- but it has been a journey. That journey never deteriorated my calling, it actually made it stronger. So I want to thank all the people who have said things like that to me. Saying that I will never become a priest, or trying to talk me out of it. Not only did they build up my confidence, they have helped build my faith. Because of you, I am able to keep my calling- and God willing, I one day become a priest. 


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