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     I always find it fun asking the kids I teach where they find joy in their life. Some say video games, others say family, and others say in friends. What is even more fun is their reaction to what I find the most joy in. It isn't in my favorite pc game Starcraft, or school. I find my greatest joy in serving at Mass. I am the most happy during that time. 

     All the kids are usually shocked, and flabbergasted by that statement. I am the most happy during Mass. I am surrounded by my church community and family. I am surrounded by people that gather for the same reason-to worship God. To praise God.  Being able to serve God in the Mass for me, is one of the greatest Joys in my life. 

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  1. May you always have joy in your heart.

  2. May you always be filled with joy.

  3. I'm not surprised. Church SHOULD be joyful.


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