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     I remember from the time I was in kindergarten, I had always been interested in the life of a priest and things a priest does. I would be so excited every Sunday to hold the book for the priest- I loved it. I sat in the front pew closest to the priest, (we have an inclusive seating at my parish) and I would wait eagerly to hold the book.  As I continuously got older, I got the amazing opportunity to continue to do more. 

     I still remember from kindergarten when my priest came into our class for a day, did a pretzel craft (Which I still have) and then took us a tour of the church. He showed us his vestments, the sacristy, the stations of the cross. I still remember it, because it really inspired me to become someone like him. He was (and will continue to be) my role-model for the priesthood.



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    1. Thanks! I have, and continue to be, inspired by churchs and priests!


  2. That visit seems to have really resonated for you. What about it made you feel so strongly?

    1. I am not sure, how to actually respond to this. It was a feeling a felt-excited and joyful-to be able to be in the church. Mind you I was still in Kindergarten. I would always go to the choir cantor, to see what the opening song would be, and I would also go say hello with the priest before mass.

      I was always (and still am!) happy in church. It is a place where people are accepting, happy, and coming together for a common cause-to worship God. It is a community of people that I could call home, and a place where I became easily inspired.

      Thanks for commenting!



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