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Holy Thursday

     Today, more specifically, tonight, we remember the Lords Supper. We remember the final hours that Christ existed on this earth before going back to his father in heaven. As much as this night is about receiving it is also about service and what Christ has initiated. 

     Even through the hellish reality that Christ was experiencing, (The betrayal of a disciple, the thoughts of his death, his final days on earth, and when he goes to pray, he sheds tears of blood) he still acts in humility. Christ is going through the humanistic pre-death anxiety. In the garden he prays that this cup of suffering be taken away- he doesn't want to go through it. But then he remembered you and me in his prayer and concluded " Not as I will but as you will"  It is in the thought of service, love and compassion of you and I that Christ endures his cross.

     We know, that Christ strips down his clothes, and wraps a towel and washes his disciples feet. Though is reality is hell he still shows Gods Glory and Gods work-he never ceases. He shows God through washing. This washing of their feet, isn't because they had stinky feet the room smelt bad, it was to leave a permanent mark or sign. A sign in which reads, "Serve others. Do not think you are better than someone else, for if you want to lead, you must be the slave" 

     This reading equips us with the message: To serve. Our mission as people of God is to serve. We are not to go and wash peoples feet when they enter our home, but rather we are to be of service to people. We are to humble our selves, to take off  our royal robes and to help. And by helping them we wash their feet. 

      In what ways do we wash peoples feet? We can all serve, and we are all called to serve. To serve in finding God in each other, to keep loyal to our friends and family, to grow our relationships and to be thankful for them, to help lift the burden off each others back, and to serve others (and through helping others helping God) without an expectation of a reward. 

     Christ instituted the Holy Eucharist tonight. He gave us a reminder of him- a nourishment to be equipped with and receive often. With Christs body, we are staying on the right straight path and have a deep and meaningful relationship with God, but without, and not constantly receiving the Eucharist , we begin to walk on the wrong path and in zig zag, crooked lines.  Christ gave us a sign to remember him by in which we are all saved. 

     May, on this Holy Thursday, we come to the Altar to receive Christ. Through the institution of the Holy Eucharist this night we are equipped to serve others. This is our goal our mission as Christians- is to serve. It is not to sit upon our thrones and force these rules about whats wrong and whats right. IT IS NOT to argue if women should have feet washed or not, or about this dogma or that dogma.

 Our goal, our mission is to serve other people. Yes we can debate all we want on these topics, but who is that really for? Will Christ really look upon who won that debate? or will he look upon our actions in following his instructions to serve others because no master is greater than it's servant. 



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