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Happy Easter

     On this most perfect of mornings, we run to find the tomb empty. Let us not be overcome with saddness, but be filled with unendless happiness. For on this morning, it is empty. By Faith and Truth, we know that Jesus broke the chains of Death, and freed us from the fires of hell.

      All we find, when we look into the tomb, are his burial garments. The garments of death. But Christ, took those off, and left them behind-for he came out of it alive! (pun intended) He, gave us new life. He gave us a new way of living while on earth, and he completed it off by teaching us Service to others, sacrificing your own needs for others, and to rise from any situation.

     This is our challenge, like Christ did, to rise with him. We cannot let the garments of death( of sin) continuously be born. We must arise from our sin. We must take those garments off, because Jesus offers us an new life. A life free from sin and a place guaranteed happiness.

      My favorite part about the Easter Vigil, by far, is when the church is dark, and everyone has a lighted candle. How Great that is! Such a powerful moment. The light from each person lights up the entire church-Christ dispelled the darkness.

Happy Easter Everyone! 


  1. Hope you enjoyed your Easter.

  2. Thank you, I hope you also enjoyed your Easter. Nice to meet and connect through atozchallenge.


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