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     Yes, it's nice to get things at Christmas or for my birthday, but nothing compares to the greatest gifts God has given me.  The gift of life and Family. The gift of my home city. The gift of the people in my life-especially the priests! The gift of serving and so much more. 

     But most of all, the best gift, is the call to the priesthood. One does not chose to become a priest, one answers the call to become a priest. Through discernment and prayer one listens to God, to hear if he is truly calling them to the priesthood. 

      All my life, as mentioned in earlier posts, I have been guided and brought up in the Church. Serving in the church and wanting to become a priest has always been a part of me and my life. I cannot imagine my self doing anything but being a priest. God willing of course that I do become a priest. 

     It is all a gift. The Priests in my life, my family, my calling, is all a gift from God. I do suppose it would be extremely difficult for someone who wants to become a priest if they do not have the proper support from family, and a guiding priest. So I thank God every day, for the gift to of the people in my life, and the things I have been able to do. I pray that he will guide me on his path, not the path I want but that he wants. 



  1. What a lovely post, I hope you enjoy Easter. Nice to connect and follow through a to z

  2. Lovely post. All the best for your A-Z Challenge.

  3. I am glad I found you in the list of bloggers on the A - Z Challenge. Enjoyed your heartfelt post. I was brought up in the church as well. Carol at


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