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     Following Jesus, and staying focused on the priesthood is challenging. It has it's ups and downs- it's lows and highs. Surrounded by two different groups of people, at times it feels like i'm getting stretched out, and I know which side I like better-the high points.

      My high points are the times when I am surrounded by the people that matter the most to me. They are the times where I am surrounded by priests, and family who support me in my vocation.They make it easy for me to stay focused.

      My 'low points' is that when I am surrounded by those who couldn't care about my vocation. (usually at school- my classmates.... most of them) These kids I never hang out with (there are a lot) I ignore them and would, quite frankly, rather be by my self. Every morning at school, I go into the chapel to pray to receive strength-I feel Christ most there. I start my day off to free my mind from worries, and place them down at the altar.  I ask the Lord for strength to be able to follow him in my words and actions.


  1. You are an amazing young man of faith, Mike. May you treasure this special gift of faith you are blessed with and continue to follow Jesus. Be blessed, Maria from Delight Directed Living


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