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     All of my life I have wanted school to be over so  I can start my seminary training for the priesthood. Many events have shaped this eagerness within me: 1) the shortage of priests in my archdiocese and 2) Admiring those whom are already priests and 3) Researching and watching videos of Vocations to the Priesthood

     This year it stuck me even more to slow down and enjoy the never ending process of high school. My parish priest a while ago, ( I believe for the first Sunday of lent) focused his homily about enduring the journey. (This is paraphrasing what he said) 'Like Jesus` third temptation was to acquire all the wonders and kingdoms of the world- to skip the journey of the world and get the earthly things. But Jesus rejected it, and endured the temptations, he endured his life on earth to be able to have full glory in the heavenly kingdom.` His homily struck and I put it into my life situation-to endure the journey, to enjoy the road that I am experiencing now. For when I become a priest I will experience great joy only after I have gone through the journey.


  1. Awesome blog! I look forward to reading more. My blogs are both Christian blogs and I also publish a Christian newspaper. I've seen the power of prayer soooo clearly in my life, especially in the last year and a half when my marriage ended. Your post today is very thought-provoking--so often we want to jump immediately to the culmination of our journey, when the journey can be just as enjoyable or at least a learning experience.

    Shelly Burke, checking in with the A to Z Challenge from and (also less than 100 followers!)


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