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Death to Life

     Spring has finally come and this means that the barren trees will get buds, the flowers will start to bloom, the snow will finally melt and the temperature will finally get warmer. Death will turn into life. It will happen. Winter will turn into spring. Our seasons will begin to start a new identity. The record breaking winter, won't be the top story any more, it will be the record breaking warm temperatures that will take it's place. Winnipeg, will no longer be known, for a couple of months, as the igloo living people, but rather the slurpee capital of the world (for 14 years in a row!)

     In todays second reading, Paul starts off his letter with a negative note. "Those who are in flesh cannot please God." But St Paul is quick to make clear that, "you are of the spirit" We to, have been given this new identity in Christ. We once lived in flesh-of the world- but now we live in the spirit-in Jesus. Through baptism, we are given a new identity in Christ that marks us and equips us with graces that transform us.

     Look at Martha, she is in the middle of mourning her brothers death, and she questions the Lord, "Lord if only you came earlier" She wants her  brother. She loved her brother, and like all of us, doesn't want to see him dead. So she complains to the Lord, "If only..."

If only. If only. These two words we use so often in our life, that have a devastating effect on us. The keeps us connected to the past and build in us the anger of what could have been. 'If only' will not only ruin our friendships but also our selves, if we let it carry out.

     Like Martha, we all say at one point to God, "WHY?!? If only you acted sooner! If only if you did this! If only you did that!" Which is natural. But we must come to realize that the events in our lives aren't  to hurt us, aren't to make us suffer, they are to make us grow and to reveal the work of God-even if we can't see it right away.

     Jesus is the resurrection. To have resurrection and life one must die first. One must experience death to live. One must experience sadness before true happiness. One must experience Faith testing before they have strong faith. One must experience the opposite to appreciate the other. We must know what sadness is to enjoy happiness. We must know what low faith is to rejoice in strong faith. We must die of ourselves to know the plan God has for us.

      In the same way that winter turns into spring, we are given and new identity in Christ Jesus through our baptism. We are not of the flesh but of the spirit. Through the spirit, we can experience new life. We can live a new identity, and new person. A person of God that is. Like Martha, we must experience sadness to know joy. Death to now life.


  1. We have new life in Christ. Keep sharing the word. God bless, Maria


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