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    Blessed is an interesting word that started around the early 12th century. Originally coming from the old English word, "blǣdsian" meaning 'to sprinkle with blood' or 'to mark with blood.' Eventually the Latin Word, "benedicere" which means  ' to bless' or 'to praise' became the normal use of the word.

     I really don't know where to begin. My journey, this far, already as been filled with so many blessings. Firstly, I HAVE to acknowledge all of the Priests who have supported me, and pray for me on my journey. But especially 3 priests that have shaped me more closely than anyone else. My Parish priest, and two other priests I know very well because of my parish priest. I remember being in Gr 2, and for the first time holding the book for the opening prayer. (This was many years ago, and my parish had no altar servers) Still today, I have parishioners reminding me of the day when I would hold the book on my head so it was high enough for the priest. Ever sine then, my priest kept adding new roles, and new responsibilities for me to do and to help with during mass.Thanks Father(s)!

    The next top supporters are my parents. They support me continuously helping me in more ways than I can list. Through spirituality, education, and overall shaping me as a person. I really don't know how I would be today, on my journey, if  I didn't have the support from my family. Thanks Mom and Dad!
     My devotion to St Michael started because of a priest that was visiting my parish long ago. He gave me a St Michael Prayer card, two St Michael medals and a personalized note, which I kept. I only realized now, why he gave it to me. Not only cause he is my patron saint but because he was a chaplin to the military and so he had a strong devotion to St Michael. Thanks Father! 

     I started to research St Michael and made a website dedicated to him, and the other two named archangels. I didn't like the site after a while, because I didn't have to do anything except minor edits. So then I started to blog. This is why, " Life of us and Saints" was born. That blog had gone through three name changes! Anyways after a while I noticed I blogged a lot about prayer and decided it was time to make a fresh new blog. This blog was then made, and on September first it will be 3  years old! Wow!

Thank You God for all the blessings you have given me! Especially for the priests in my life who have guided me and my family who have given me support also!


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  1. May you always be blessed.

  2. Hi, I'm looking from the A to Z Challenge, you have a lovely and inspiring blog and I'm going to keep checking back! Look forward to reading more of your journey ;)



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