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A is For....

     Today starts the 30 day, April A-Z Challenge. This challenge requires that we, the participates, post a blog post everyday, except Sundays, based on the alphabet. (However since I normally do posts on Sunday, they will still be posted) This is my third year doing this challenge, and I am looking forward to it. My first year was an absolute fail. I got to the letter v, and then failed to complete. Last year, I was good all month, until the last day when I posted it a day late. This year, I plan to do the challenge perfectly. Third time the charm right?

     I will be honest, I had a hard time choosing the topic this year. But after contemplation, I have decided to do the theme, " Journey to the Priesthood-the young years" You never really hear of the successes and difficulties of priests discerning the call in their young age-and maybe there is a reason why that I haven't figured out.

     I hope that by the end of this month you will have figured out the journey that I have gone through in the stretch to become a priest. I hope that this month you will learn something about the feelings, and journey that has been my life and my dream to become a priest.


   As interesting and fun it would be to tell people that my calling to the priesthood was like Pauls' conversion, it is the exact opposite of that. It really happened over a good week or so. I remember sitting in my Grade One Classroom and we were working on a craft and at the same time the teacher was talking to us. She was talking about things we want to do-things that interest us. Me,  not knowing exactly what to say, and watching a garbage truck go by the window, so I shouted, " I WANT TO BECOME A GARBAGE MAN!"

     Mind you, all my life from that point, (So since kindergarten) I had been very interested in the Mass. I would always talk to the priest before mass, check with the music ministry coordinator to see what number the opening hymn would be, and always get my parents to lift me up so I could see over all the tall people.
I would have to say, it was the weekend after I shouted in class that I wanted to become a garbage man, that I promised myself, and made the decision to become a priest.  Here I am  years later, with plans to go into seminary in a couple of years.

     But it all starts with the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of the calling. God doesn't call people today like he did with  Paul. God speaks in the silence. God is a gentleman, he whispers his calls and waits patiently for us to answer. But it never stops at one decision.  It is through constant prayer and communication with God that one becomes a priest. Through constant growth and discernment.



  1. Believe and you shall be saved, can't wait for the rest of the alphabet!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! The rest of the alphabet is coming soon! ;)


  2. Great post! It's best to be true to ourselves and acknowledge our calling in life! ~ Angela, A to Z participant from Web Writing Advice and Whole Foods Living

    1. Thank You for your comment and for stopping by! It is everyone's vocation to acknowledge their call in life and to fulfill it!


  3. What a wonderful and informative theme you've chosen. i'm looking forward to mire. And thanks for visiting my blog, Mike.


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