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To See The Transfiguration of Christ...

     During the proclamation of last weekend’s Gospel, we heard about the temptations from the devil that Jesus had to endure while in the desert. This weekend we hear about the magnificent transfiguration of Christ. These two readings reveal to us the human and divine nature of Christ. (Which wasn't accepted in the church for a long time. Most scholars and priests thought that Jesus had to be one or the other-not both) Both of them concentrate on the two different aspects of Christ and unfold to us that Christ holds the same divine and human characteristics in birth and death.

     Today’s Gospel reading connects, in multiple ways, Jesus to Moses when he received the stone tablets. This is Matthew connecting the life of Jesus to that of the Old Testament. Matthew tries to reveal, in his Gospel, that Jesus is the one promised in the Torah. Both of these events took place on a very high mountain and upon these mountains something great and mysterious happened. The receiving of the Ten Commandments and the transfiguration of Christ. But the next time that Christ would be shown in his divine self again is on another mountain- Golgotha.

     I do not think the disciples knew what great event was happening at the time and only became aware latter on of how magnificent this event truly was. Peter, as usual, is preoccupying his mind on something that really doesn't make sense. It was only after his death they could speak of this event, why? Because, as mentioned above this is the time where the three lucky disciples are revealed the truth of Christ. He isn’t just human he is divine also. 

     In today's first reading, Abram is called by the Lord to let go of everything he knows-his life, his land- and to follow everything he says and he (Abram) will be given descendants as numerous as the stars. He is commissioned by Christ to start a new a life starting a new line of faithful dedicated children of God.

     This is our Lenten mission to trust God in everything we do. We are called, by God, to rid ourselves of all that preoccupy us to see the divine nature of Christ. Like Peter we can clutter ourselves up with many things that block us from participating in the moment. We distract ourselves from realising the great miracles that are happening right in front of us. Live in the moment and trust God with our lives.

     We are surrounded with messages and symbols telling us to be self-sufficient, self- guided, and self-deciding. But God has other plans that go against the wave of messages. God wants us to trust him- He can see the whole and bigger picture for our lives. WE MUST TRUST GOD. We must trust God to start a new life for us when he calls us from our own comfortable lives.

     On this weekend, the second Sunday of Lent, may we come to trust God with our lives. May we come to live in the moment and know that God will look after us. When we do, we will be able to see the true transfiguration of Christ.


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