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     Temptation is a word commonly used within our society. We will be tempted to eat this all day, or tempted to do this or that. We are surrounded with the word temptation. A selling technique for sure and it is defiantly something that attracts our attention. And most often, due to commercials with people dancing around after eating a cup of yogurt, we can become delusional about the real meaning of being tempted, which ruins the overall beauty of todays Gospel. 

     With the lack of details and breaks in between the temptations and answers it can be easy to think that this all took place in a matter of moments. It is not temptation unless we give it thought and it evokes curiosity. Jesus, being as human as divine, also experienced the temptation that we receive on a daily bases. The Gospel makes it sound that he responds right away- did he, maybe but unlikely.

     The devil saw that his enemy was weakened, and being the devil he is, took advantage of it. He tempted Jesus based on his : Humanity, Divinity, and his strength and reliability on God. These were things he could attack him on. Jesus was in the desert hungry and facing a time of hardships. And the devil just makes it harder. But the spirit led Jesus into the desert and defiantly won’t leave him during the desert.

     The goal of the devil, was to distract Jesus from his mission (of saving people) and to use his divine powers for evil. A distraction. That was his goal. And it continues to be his Goal even today. He will try to distract us from God, from helping others. 

     Our journey of lent, like advent, is a time of preparation. Lent is a time where we reconcile the sins that tie us down and hold us back. It releases the chains that distract us from God. IT erases all marks and stains. Lent is a time to prepare ourselves; to free ourselves to fully participate in the paschal mystery of Christ. This is the goal of the readings-to bring us closer to God at Easter.

     The devil will try to distract us however. He will tempt us in many forms, trying to undo everything we have done during lent. He will try. But filled with the spirit, we must stand our ground, and tell him to leave us alone. Prayer is our tool against evil. It guides our thoughts, and our life onto the path dedicated to God. The evil one will try however, to distract us from prayer. But we must resist the temptation- for only God can offer us sufficient grace.

     The true meaning of temptation is if to have another cup of yogurt- the true temptation that we must all face, and deny, is the ones that the devil offers. The Lord is the way, the strength in whom we focus upon. As we take our first step into our Lenten journey may we come to God in Prayer acquiring spiritual strength to resist temptation.


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