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Guess Who Went To Confession!

     Today, while leading a penitential service, Pope Francis decided to go to confess. Pope Francis was being led to the confessional in which he would hear confessions, and right then he pointed to a confessional across from him and started walking towards it to receive the sacrament of reconciliation.  Never before, as far as I have searched, has a pope  gone to confession in public like this. 

     Defiantly leading by example, Pope Francis, for about three minutes or so, went to confession. This pope has defiantly placed much importance on this sacrament. He has stated before that he goes to confession every two weeks. Now, he shows the world what he means, by actually going. 

   "Confession is not a court of condemnation, but an experience of mercy and forgiveness!”
-Pope Francis

     The Sacrament of reconciliation is the bridge back to God. It reunited the knots that sin has tied. Through baptism we were erased of original sin-but we were left with the urge to sin again. The Sacrament of reconciliation is the way that we confess the sins we commit, showing to God that we want to be close to him and his love. Through this sacrament we become refreshed and rejuvenated through Gods love and forgiveness. Lent is a specific time to look at the sins in our life and to acknowledge what blocks us from being a full disciple of Jesus.

Here is the video of Pope Francis going to confession:



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