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How Are You Blind?

According to the calender I am told to believe, since March 21st, that it is now the season of spring. Well, nature defiantly disagrees with this 'theory' of spring right now. Living in Canada we really only have two extreme season, Summer and winter. Summer for a couple of months and then winter for the rest of the year. But interestingly enough, we don't live in igloos. Taking a look outside my window, there are no signs that spring as sprung. The grass is still covered in a thick blanket of snow, the trees haven't budded-they are still bare, and the sun still hides behind the clouds. I wish I knew what this 'spring' is...

     Despite how much I dislike the frigid cold winter, I do admire it's beauty. Spotting the hoarfrost, the deers that come from the frozen river searching for a snack to eat, the random raccoon in the middle of the street, squirrels running along a fence chasing after each other, and snow globe like snowfalls all show Gods beaut…

Guess Who Went To Confession!

Today, while leading a penitential service, Pope Francis decided to go to confess. Pope Francis was being led to the confessional in which he would hear confessions, and right then he pointed to a confessional across from him and started walking towards it to receive the sacrament of reconciliation.  Never before, as far as I have searched, has a pope  gone to confession in public like this. 
     Defiantly leading by example, Pope Francis, for about three minutes or so, went to confession. This pope has defiantly placed much importance on this sacrament. He has stated before that he goes to confession every two weeks. Now, he shows the world what he means, by actually going. 
"Confession is not a court of condemnation, but an experience of mercy and forgiveness!” -Pope Francis
The Sacrament of reconciliation is the bridge back to God. It reunited the knots that sin has tied. Through baptism we were erased of original sin-but we were left with the urge to sin again. The Sacra…

Thursday Think About

Give us Living Water

Regardless if parishes have elect to be baptized at Easter Today starts the beautiful readings that go along with the rite of the Scrutiny (examination period.) Throughout our life we continuously undergo conversion from sin and forgiveness in Christ. Lent is a time that we can begin to examine our lives and begin to see our faults and sins. Lent is the time to reshape our lives into a better person, (it works better than the failing New year’s resolution!) And so we are given for the next three weekends the readings which will help us examine our life, to be able to see Jesus better at Easter.
   Jesus, in today’s Gospel, has a conversation with this woman from Samira at the well of Jacob. Each of them has seven responses, which was the perfect number for the woman to be converted. Jesus was able to change the ignorance of the woman into an enlightened and equipped woman who is ready to preach to people about God. He was able to break the segregation of the Samaritans and Jews an…

Thursday Think About

To See The Transfiguration of Christ...

During the proclamation of last weekend’s Gospel, we heard about the temptations from the devil that Jesus had to endure while in the desert. This weekend we hear about the magnificent transfiguration of Christ. These two readings reveal to us the human and divine nature of Christ. (Which wasn't accepted in the church for a long time. Most scholars and priests thought that Jesus had to be one or the other-not both) Both of them concentrate on the two different aspects of Christ and unfold to us that Christ holds the same divine and human characteristics in birth and death.

     Today’s Gospel reading connects, in multiple ways, Jesus to Moses when he received the stone tablets. This is Matthew connecting the life of Jesus to that of the Old Testament. Matthew tries to reveal, in his Gospel, that Jesus is the one promised in the Torah. Both of these events took place on a very high mountain and upon these mountains something great and mysterious happened. The receiving of t…

Thursday Think About

Unless A Grain of Wheat....

24 Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”
JOHN 12 24 

     When a little child is in love with a toy that he or she sees at the store, s/he doesn't want to put it down. His/her whole world, in that time, revolves around the uniqueness and creativity of that toy which has attracted their attention. They will cry and cry until they get that toy. However, the parent knows best. And the parent will know if they toy is too expensive or if it is not needed for the child. 

     In a similar way, we must let go of our selves. We are the grain of wheat mentioned in today’s verse. Unless we die, and give up ourselves, we are just another grain of wheat. Our Missions as children of God is to let go of all that is us and let God in. For when we let God in, we can become fruitful. Our lives, our relationships and we as individuals will grow and grow to produce the best fruit. But we mus…


Temptation is a word commonly used within our society. We will be tempted to eat this all day, or tempted to do this or that. We are surrounded with the word temptation. A selling technique for sure and it is defiantly something that attracts our attention. And most often, due to commercials with people dancing around after eating a cup of yogurt, we can become delusional about the real meaning of being tempted, which ruins the overall beauty of todays Gospel. 
     With the lack of details and breaks in between the temptations and answers it can be easy to think that this all took place in a matter of moments. It is not temptation unless we give it thought and it evokes curiosity. Jesus, being as human as divine, also experienced the temptation that we receive on a daily bases. The Gospel makes it sound that he responds right away- did he, maybe but unlikely.

     The devil saw that his enemy was weakened, and being the devil he is, took advantage of it. He tempted Jesus based o…

Thursday Think About

God Alone Suffices

God alone suffices.
-- St. Teresa of Avila

"Thank You For Everything"

While teaching a new group of kids the Sacrament of First Eucharist, yesterday, I had the joy of pointing out one of the greatest gifts we receive everyday. Part of the book asked the kids to write down what they would say to Jesus if they could say it face to face. My example that I wrote on the bored for them was, "Thank You For everything"  One kid raised his hand and asked what kind of things am I thankful for. My answer started with, " For waking me up in the morning" and the kids responded, " Doesn't your mom wake you up?" and I replied, " Yes, but it is God who gave me life today as a free gift."

     In Today's Gospel, Jesus gives us one central and almost humanly impossible theme: Do Not Worry. My life, as a student is often taken up with worrying for tests and quizzes and the precal mark. I often am worrying that the kids don't get what I am saying when I teach or that the new altar servers don't understand what I a…