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We are shinning for someone else!

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       Jesus, in todays Gospel, is telling us ( his disciple) directly, WE are the salt of the earth and that WE are the light for the world. WE the adopted children are the salt and light of the earth. Last weekend the presentation of the Lord replaced the start of the Sermon on the Mount. Today, and the weeks before lent will continue. There Jesus  teaches them ( and us) how to be a disciple and how to live and go about our daily lives.

     We can often become distracted, over look, the importance of some everyday objects/routines. We do them and we accomplish them not really thinking about the true importance. For instances, when we wake up, we might just quickly pray, or not understand what we are saying because we so tired. Then we continue with our day not realizing the true power of that prayer in the morning and forgetting that we even    prayed at the beginning of the day.  But that prayer at the beginning of ever day is essential and gives us strength to face the day.

     In a similar way, we use salt to flavor food. It's not the salt we taste and like, it's the dish. The salt isn't the main dish, the beef, vegetables, the food is. We wouldn't like the dish bland so we add the salt to enhance the dish it'self. Also, when it's dark we light a room or space to be able to see. We don't turn on the light simply to turn it on, we use it to see other things. The light will enhance the room, it isn't the focus of the room. Salt, light and prayer all enhance something, or show off something which are very helpful but sometimes we take for granted.

     So Jesus says specifically that WE are the light of the world that means it's not about us; we are 'lighting up' the room, the world for something greater. Whom is that? God! We are showing people the amazing glory of God! It isn't about us, it's about what we reveal and we are revealing God! Also, living in the secularized society we live in, we are the salt! We need to 'spice' up this society with the flavor of God! We won't see the salt, but we will know that the flavor is there. We won't be in the spot light but our works will be noticed. So how do we add Light and add seasoning into the world? Well St Paul gives us a good idea.

     St Paul tells us that he doesn't go around preaching with big words rather through demonstration! St Paul says," My Speech and proclamation, were not with plausible words of wisdom but with demonstration of the spirit and of power, so that your faith might rest not on human wisdom but on the power of God"  This is how we are light. Through demonstration of good works. Works like them of the disciples. Our good works will be the light that helps people see, and it will be the salt that makes this world seasoned.

     On this 5 weekend of Ordinary time, may we come to be the light of the world. For it isn't about us, it is about the one we are showing: God! God must be the center of our life, of our mission. We must strive to show off God- not our selves. It is through Christ that we are able to go out and be a light and be a seasoning to this society.





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