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What is your star?

     This year, in the church, we begin to hear the Gospel of St. Matthew. Left out in St Lukes' version, Matthew includes the rich text of visitation of the Wise men to the baby Jesus. Other known has the epiphany. Matthew is writing to a Jewish community whereas, his counter part, Luke is writing to a Gentile community. Matthew, in the story of the epiphany is trying to 'teach' his audience that the Son of Man came for everyone-including the Gentiles. How does Matthew accomplish this? By recording the story of the wise men,who are Gentiles themselves, visiting Jesus.

     Probably the most common image of Christmas is the star- which we get from today's Gospel reading. The wise men followed a star that lead to them to the place of Christ. It was their only guide to where ever Christ was.  They, under command, followed the star that lead them to a place the filled them with Great joy.

     We to have our own 'stars'. We all have a person, concept, idea, goal, place, ect..  that leads us or  inspires us or helps us move forward.In times of happiness and in times of sorrow, In times of Joy, and in times of pain, during sincere times and in times of playfulness  What is this star in our life? What is the star the helps us s
tay strong? What is the star the focus our life and our dreams ( or our star our dreams? ) Think about it... What leads you? What is your star?

     When our star stops, upon the place we have hoped for, do we find Joy? Are we filled with great joy and happiness that we pay homage to it?  Is it like the wise men in todays Gospel, whom are overwhelmed with joy? Where does our star lead us? Where does our Goal lead us? Where does our thought lead us?
     May Christ be the ultimate stop. May he be the end we search for. May we long for Christ in our lives. It is our mission to search for him. We, like the wise men, must search for him, and where he is in our lives. We must go on our own journey looking for Christ. Looking for the newly born messiah. Christ is the ultimate Star. May we lead all  of our thoughts, heart and mind.  May he be the one we long for.

     Like the wise men, we to must must the light, the star that leads us to Christ. Christ is the ultimate goal. He is the the ultimate gift; the greatest accomplishment. He is whom, we on earth, are working towards.

    May our star, lead us to Christ. May it be that our guiding light, lead us to the wonders and joyous event of Christ Jesus.  May our ultimate star be Christ- that guides our daily thoughts, heart, and mind. May Christ be the light the guides us.


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