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One word 2014


Again, for 2014, instead of picking a New Years Resolution I have picked one word that will focus my actions for this new and fresh year. By the third day of the new year, I usually have forgotten my resolution or have already broken it. Obviously, I am not one for new year resolutions. However, this one word thing, I think I can handle.

     Before I mention my new word, I want to talk about 2013's one word: Faith. With the Catholic church also celebrating the year of Faith, I thought it would also be great for me to, with the church, to celebrate a year of Faith. Well, this past year was very interesting and didn't go as I predicted.

     For my year of Faith I had stated many things that I would do to increase my Faith like: Do the 365 bible reading series, write "People Posts" (posts on Biblical people) and write posts on hebrews 11 and about Cain and Abel...To be completely truthful, I haven't done a single one. I stopped doing the Bible reading lst February, was close to finishing everything for the people post, all I had to do was write them, and never wrote posts on Hebrews: 11.

     However, just because I didn't do those, does not mean I did not increase in Faith. Firstly, while writing the Sunday Posts every week I learned so much through all the research I did before writing each of those posts. Then I have picked up on bigger roles in the Church Community. I also have decided to follow the Pope closer and closer than I have in the past. All of these things have increased my Faith so much more.

 From inspiration of Pope Francis, My one word for 2014 is Humility! 
     If every person humbled them selves, then I know we would have better world. A big problem in this world is greed. Greed for money, materialistic items, and so much more. If everyone had more Humility, then most problems would be solved. On a more personal note, I find that I need to become more humble- like Pope Francis. I need to listen to those whom need me most. I need to let others go first. I need to let others take recognition.I need to be more accepting. I need to create more win-win situations. I need to recognize my faults. I need to focus more clearly on my specific goals. I need to act with more humility.

    In 2014, my 'resolution' will be to become more humble. I will do my very best, in acting in the ways of Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate hero of humility. He is humility.


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