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Fishers of Men

     I have had the pleasure recently to start teaching again the First Penance and Eucharist at my Parish. It is always  a great time for me to know that I am laying the seeds of God in their heart and knowing that I am preparing them for a once-in-life-time event.  I love seeing the kids who are earnest to learn and who want to be there.

     In todays' Gospel, we are presented with an overview of Jesus life. Jesus does three distinctive things, that Matthew wraps up very quickly. He teaches, proclaims, and heals. These three unfold for us what we can expect from Jesus during his life time.  However, before he begins his own life and mission one thing had to happen- the Death of John the Baptist. John, we know, was the last of the Prophets and his main mission was to make sure people were finally ready for the King  to come. Jesus, therefore, couldn't start until the paths were made straight.

     Jesus mission on earth is the great light that has appeared in the darkness. In the first reading, we hear a reading of hope. We start off with a sad and dark message, but as it continues it builds the hope that one day things will go back to normal. That the political issues will be solved and the lord will shine is light upon them. Jesus is this light. His mission id the light that guides people. It is the new start. It is repentance. A new message for what needs to be a new earth.

      Matthew, in writing his Gospel tries to prove that it isn't just Jews that Jesus came for. He came for everyone. Evidently, He makes a point of saying Jesus made his home in Capernaum... a Gentile community. It is a symbol of the universality of Jesus call. For everyone. Not just for one group... for everyone!

      I have fallen in love with the line, "Fishers of Men" all because of the movie/ video that the USCCB put out a few years ago called, "Fishers of Men"  for vocations to the priest hood. It is a video explaining the  call and need of men to the priesthood.

     In this most common phrase, "Come follow me, And I will make you Fishers of Men" the most over looked part is "I will make you."   It is only when we follow Jesus that we will be formed. We must chose to follow Christ, and he will transform us. He will transform us through Teaching, Proclaiming and healing. Jesus is calling us and it up to us to drop everything and follow him.

      Jesus will make us into the fisher of men... It was his mission to come and make this world a new. Proclaiming Forgiveness, healing and teaching. Christ, if we are willing to follow, will do this and much more. But we must drop everything and trust in God... like the apostles. Peter started as a fisher and through the teaching of Christ; through the proclamation of Christ and through the healing of Christ Peter became the very first Pope.

     Jesus is calling us. He is calling us to become fishers of men-to help him create his new world. His mission shone a light- a light of calling, welcoming, a fresh start. We today, are called to bare this light in our lives... and make it known to the world. When we, in the beauty of prayer, answer yes Lord and drop everything we are doing we will be transformed into the beautiful Christian apostle of Christ. A people for Christ.



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