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Who is the Real Star of Christmas?

     Especially around this time of year, we all enjoy going to the Christmas parties. That is of course, depending on who and what it's for. Regardless, we all have been or gone to Party that we absolutely enjoyed or absolutely hated. Parties have become a almost a social conduct. Having them on our birthdays, for weddings, for a birth of a child, and for so much more! It is wonderful to have parties- We need to celebrate the Joyous event which has occurred.

     Every year we celebrate a party that is greater than any other. Not historically accurate, but made to compete with the other pagan and roman celebrations, this party happens every year on December 25 until January 6. Yes it is the party of the Birth of Jesus Christ, who was born in a cold, wet, smelly manger. His first guests, to his party, were some simple, humble, and good spirited shepherds.

     Over time this great party grew in popularity and more and more people came. Due to it's amazing growth and popularity, Society was invited to celebrate this great event. However, it was society who ruined the party. ( like a drunk uncle) Society didn't like this party and invited a man named Chris Kringle. This jolly old man, had then become the center of the show-which sis stealing away from the real star.  Stealing people of the real happiness they could experience, Santa Claus distracts all children, teens, and adults around the world. Stealing their thoughts of the birth of Christ, and making them greedy and anxious to what is under the tree.

     We have to shift our attention back on the real reason for CHRISTmas. Christmas started because the true king took off his royal robes, and entered into the troubled world to take flesh. He came to save those whom were distracted, and needed meaning and knowledge of his father. This man is Jesus Christ. Without him, our now yearly tradition, of Christmas would not exist.
     May we focus our attention at this party, on the one and true reason. The birth of Christ Jesus. When we think more Christ-like, we will hear the angels singing Glory to God, and we also will be invited to this amazing birthday. Has we journey our way to see this king, we to will join in with the Angels in singing Glory To God!

     It is important that we listen to the heavenly message of the angel. The angel brings Good News. The News that Christ is born in the manger of our hearts. It is in the Manger of our heart that the party of the Lord takes place. On the weeks of his party, we get to decide whom his invited- the Holly Jolly Santa Claus: Holiday season or the Shepherds, Family, Friends, the Christmas season.

      May we, on this Holy night, join with the angels, the Good News of Christ and Sing the Glory of God. When we are called, like the shepherds, may we be humbled and simple and focus on the real reason of this Party. Jesus is the light of the world who shines brighter than anyone, or any person, so let us stare in adoration at this newly born King!

Merry Christmas,


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